London Town House Garden

Claire worked to bring to life the clients’ brief that the design should ‘not be too formal’ and to bring a feeling of natural richness into the garden. The new garden is structured around an oval shaped lawn and the magnificent existing Magnolia. In the front of the house the client wanted scent and colour, to shed off the city at the end of the day as they walked in.

The gardens form the setting to a listed property; part of a London garden square setting, so the response needed to be appropriate to the existing wider context. The garden design flows between levels from lower ground floor to first floor terrace and creates a series of spaces in response to these changes. This ensures that there is a better connection between the house and the garden.

The proposals look to use planting to introduce a sense of greater depth in the garden, colour and scent, as well as focus key views from the house.   Elements for play, new birch tree grove, a large seating terrace with an outdoor kitchen and water features have all been woven within the scheme so that each area has something to offer.