Proposals to get a local school growing... by claire greener

A lovely start of the year project; to come up with ideas to help a local school get their kids growing in a new kitchen garden courtyard.  

Currently an under-loved, tarmac covered courtyard, proposals will help them apply for funding and get up and running.  The kids are already chitting their potatoes in readiness... let the fund raising begin!

New London Architecture Awards by claire greener

Delighted to see that Camden Active Spaces project has won the NLA award in the Wellbeing category.
 This project was a pioneering design and health research collaboration by LB Camden which was seeking to boost activity in kids through better designed spaces (not just tarmac and a few footballs).  At LUC I had the pleasure of designing a few of these spaces - congratulations to all - and glad the kids are having a blast!



Streetbank News by claire greener

I was asked by the Streetbank Team to re-imagine a street in London where a central section of the road had its parking taken away and the space was given back to the public- with only an access route through for cars. 

Streetbank are a community sharing website who link resources and community and don't just want to dream about things being different


Here's the results:

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.57.57.png